Water-Wise Tips for Southern California

CPSA Updates and Reissues Drought Stage Plan

Water tap with a lock on it

A few weeks ago, the California Pool and Spa Association announced the release of a model Drought Stage Plan that outlined the appropriate steps to be taken by cities or water districts considering restrictions on swimming pools and spas in times of drought. This plan came as a result of the CPSA’s work with many…

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Pools use Less Water than you Might Think

water drop

California’s Drought and the Pool Industry in 2015 Pool Industry Compared to Other Industries Economic Sector  $ (GSP 2001) / Acre Foot of Water Rice $58 Alfalfa $65 Cotton $252 Total Agriculture $893 Orchards $927 Vineyard $1,510 Fruits & Vegetables $3,585 Schools $36,378 Food Processing $88,784 Paper & Mills $124,045 Petroleum Refining $162,274 Total Commercial…

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Water-Wise Landscaping Guide

water wise garden

Water-Wise Landscaping Guide A water-wise landscape doesn’t mean giving up your lawn or making dramatic changes to your landscape or lifestyle. There are many simple ways to save water, and they all start with you. During dry periods, landscape watering can use up to three-quarters of total household water usage. An inefficient sprinkler can deliver…

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Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Heads The amount of water that most people in Southern California waste in incorrectly watering their lawns and landscapes is immense. We water too often, not deep enough (sometime too deep), and inefficiently. This subject can not be covered adequately in a short article so we will cover it with many. The placement of…

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Moisture Sensors

Moisture Sensors Save up to 50% of water consumption and still have green lawns + healthy plants Moisture sensors cut your Landscape water consumption dramatically in a very efficient and cost effective manner while keeping your landscape green and beautiful. Quality and properly installed Moisture sensors measure the moisture at the roots of the plants,…

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Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart Irrigation Controllers Smart controllers are irrigation clocks that automatically adjust irrigation run times in response to environmental changes. They use sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequency. As environmental conditions vary, the controller increases or decreases irrigation. Smart controllers have the ability to turn off your sprinklers automatically during rain, high…

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