Water-Wise Tips for Southern California

General gardening tips to conserve water in Southern California. Conserving water is important for our sustainability, and it is one of our most precious resources which we cannot afford to waste.

Slope Runoff

Slope Runoff Many of us waste a lot of water through run off, especially on slopes. When watering on a slope if we put a lot of water down at once the water will run down to the bottom of the slope. The lower slope will be getting a lot of water through percolation and […]

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Planting with California Natives

Most California Natives should be planted in Fall and Winter. Planting at other times is made complicated by the fact that native plants, like most plants, needs a fair amount of water to get established. Watering in the warmer months is not healthy for most native plants. Most of us choose native plants because they

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Using Rain to Conserve Water

Using Rain to Conserve Water Keep your irrigation controller off for as long as reasonable after the rain. Let Nature do its thing. The recent rains have watered our landscapes deeply. The roots are still growing this time of year and we want to encourage them to grow deep.   Over-watering encourages the roots to grow

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hand watering plants

How to Water New Plants

This is a quick common sense tip if you are serious about saving water. When planting new flowers or a new shrub in an existing established landscape don’t just turn up the water and water more often, take out a hose or a soaker hose and water just the new plants when they need it

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Should you use a Drip System?

Should you use a Drip System? Micro Spray – The Good and Bad of Drip Systems Drip systems have long been touted as a great way to reduce irrigation waste because the water is slowly placed near the plant. In many situations drip systems do exactly that. We use drip systems extensively in our nursery.

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