Water-Wise Tips for Southern California

General gardening tips to conserve water in Southern California. Conserving water is important for our sustainability, and it is one of our most precious resources which we cannot afford to waste.

Improve your Sprinkler Efficiency

Improve your Sprinkler Efficiency Sprinkler layout is very important for your overall sprinkler efficiency. Distribution Uniformity (DU) of the water is critical. Distribution Uniformity (DU) is a measure of how evenly water is applied across a specified area being watered from the same valve during irrigation. For example, if one inch of water is applied […]

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grass with well trained deep watered roots

Benefits of Deep Watering

Lawns can survive on water twice per week Deep watering works! The pictures below show four projects within a block of each other one month after watering was restricted to two days per week in Los Angles. The two projects on the left are maintained by Garden View, and we trained the roots to grow

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