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Glass Tile Spa and Infinity Edge Pool overlooking DTLA
Swimming Pool Construction
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13 Acre Wholesale Nursery
Open to Public
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Landscape Construction
Valley Hunt Club Entry well maintained landscape by Garden View
Landscape Maintenance
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Glass Tile Spa and Infinity Edge Pool overlooking DTLA

New and Remodeled Swimming Pools

Quality means no shortcuts. Using lower grade materials, undersized pipes, and engineering shortcuts can save you money initially, but will cost more in the long run. Rarely is the customer who bought the “cheap pool” happy in the end. Garden View uses quality material with the most up to date and tested equipment. Our many years of experience have taught us what is cost effective in the long run. A swimming pool does not need to have exorbitant cost, but rarely is the “cheapest” option a good investment.

Landscape Construction

Sustainable and water-wise designs that grow in value are the hallmarks of a well-designed and properly installed landscape. Carefully planned and installed irrigation systems save water and keep the landscape growing in value for years to come. Picking the right plants and ensuring proper placement for future growth are vitally important. Using our comprehensive system, our clients visit our large nursery, review our suggestions, and pick the plant pallet before deciding where to place each selection. This saves both time and money—plus you receive only plants you like!


There are many types of hardscapes—all with advantages, disadvantages, and cost differences. Garden View offers skilled crews for any type of hardscape chosen, whether it be concrete with fissure-reduction techniques, pavers, flagstone, brick, tile, decomposed granite, or any other type of paving. Whatever you select, it will be done to the highest standards and will be cost effective.

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Water Features, Ponds, Streams & Waterfalls

Being around water is soothing, and the water feature is often the highlight and/or focal point of the yard. With our expert help, choosing the right water feature, finding the right level of investment, and receiving quality installation will make it enjoyable for many years to come. The water feature can be a separate entity or part of a pool.

Outdoor Rooms, Decks, Patios, Kitchens & BBQ’s

The outdoor living room can be the best and most enjoyable room in the house. It can include outdoor TVs, furniture, dining tables, and fans to keep you cool—plus keep the bugs away. Fireplaces, fire pits, and heaters can extend the enjoyment almost all year round. Cooking and dining outside are a pleasure and can help keep the house cool in summer. The choices in this area are enormous, ranging from very simple to very intricate—from a simple BBQ to a complete outdoor kitchen, from a simple deck to a complete patio with pergola!

3D Video Design Plans

We will take your landscape blueprint and render it as a 3D design plan. You can see and experience how your entire project will look and feel before any construction begins!

Nursery Aerial Map

Wholesale Nursery

Open to the Public
Our 13-acre nursery located in Irwindale, California off the 605 freeway has 1000s of plants. From flowers and annuals to trees and shrubs, we have the right plant for your landscape in all sizes and colors. Having our own nursery makes picking the right plants and trees easy for our landscape construction and maintenance divisions, plus it provides us the advantage of easily bringing out plants and returning any not used.

Landscape Maintenance

For HOA’s and Select Estates
High quality, horticulturally proficient, and cost effective through efficiency, our large, well-trained, neatly uniformed, and well-supervised crews arrive in trucks with everything they need to work effectively. Quality maintenance is the key to sustainable landscapes that grow in value. Far too many people hire “mow, blow & go” gardeners and slowly watch their investment in their landscape deteriorate.

Garden View Landscape Maintenance Truck behind some flowers