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Here are just a few reviews of Garden View.  Choose which division on the right:

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Nursery Reviews

Nursery Reviews

Adam M, another satisfied customer from Los Angeles

A really friendly nursery. Steve helped me with all my questions. Spent time in the field with me while it was raining and walked me through a planting guide. Very informative. A much better experience than the other local nurseries which couldn’t even talk to me in English. Huge selection! Idk how big this place is but its acres!

Adam M.
Yelper from Los Angeles
Sam V, a nursery customer from Pasadena

Yes, I’m a fan.  I bought a 24 inch boxed Avocado here 3 years ago.  There is a gardener’s saying:  First year sleep, second year creep, Third year leap.  Well this is our third year and we have had our “leap”  We have picked about 80 avocados from the tree and those avocados run about 3/4 of a pound to one pound each. The tree is now about 14 feet high.

The tree was about $300 and there was a delivery charge, as I recall.  The delivery men were very helpful and brought the heavy tree close to the planting hole.  The first year the tree got off to a rocky start, I think it lost all its leaves but the manager was very supportive, she even called her fruit tree manager at his home on the week end and then called Durling, the grower.

Durling said, ‘the tree is just stressed, it’ll get over it’ (how very Californian…even our trees suffer from stress).  The tree did get over it. and the second year was much better.

I would recommend Garden View to anyone looking for a tree or shrub because they have a large selection and you get to pick your exact tree. Wear ratty shoes as you will be walking in dirt or gravel.  You will be able to count on them for after planting support.

Sam V.
Yelper from Pasadena, CA
John Z, Yelp Customer from Temple City, CA

One HUGE nursery filled with a ridiculously diverse amount of plants! I’m a guy and guys are not known to go to nurseries lol. Anyway… I came here with my mom since she wanted to buy flowers for our backyard. Needless to say we came out with a bunch of flowers. We were very surprised by the refreshing scent upon entering and the plants looked very healthy, green, and blooming. Clearly, the upkeep of the plants was very efficient. The people there were very informative and helpful. They have a few people running a nursery that is the size of a football field. It’s really easy to navigate. Although parking could use some better space. Be prepared to park next to the freeway exit or in dirt road. The prices are way cheaper than home depot crap, which is why we came here in the first place. There are plants for everyone here. They range from common roses to cactus and palm trees. It’s not hard to miss at all since its right next to the 605 freeway exit.

John Z.
Yelper from Temple City, CA
Eunice K, another satisfied nursery customer

Huge Selection!

Thought it was a bit hard to find someone to help us, there were a huge selection of trees, bushes, flowers, etc. Prices seemed pretty fair and they help you load everything into the car. I would suggest calling in advance to see if they have what you want!

Eunice K.
Yelper from Los Angeles, CA
Leslie C's profile photo from Los Angeles

I love this nursery. It’s the exact opposite of a big box store or Armstrong.

They have ten acres, and you can stroll around, or have a ride on an electric cart.

I have been able to buy old, rooted trees in 24″ for very little money, and had good luck just planting them and praying. They are just trees that never got sold for some reason. Fine with me. They have all made it, and I have some nice shade trees now, 5 years later.

The sales are fun, too 🙂

Leslie C.
Yelper from Los Angeles, CA

I think this Nursery is very complete, they have a great selection of all types of plants.
The customer service was excellent, I really felt the staff member Geo was knowledgeable and courteous. He was a great help in providing information on the various plants I was interested in. This nursery is a must see!!

Laureen S.
Customer from Upland, CA

I was helped so nicely to choose the best type of shrub for a privacy wall, I bought some others plants as well. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. They advised me very well in order to not over spend. I will go back there in an heart beat. It was a very nice experience. And compare with other places , their price is very, very reasonable. And all the plants look great.

Antoine H.
Customer from Venice, CA
M. C. Nursery customer from Burbank

Totally worth the drive from LA! They were very knowledgeable, had a great selection of plants I hadn’t seen at lowes, Home Depot, or any of the other 3 nursery’s I went to close to LA. They had paved paths between the plants which were all labeled with signs and their prices. The signs included lots of detail such as how big the plant will be fully grown, how much sun it needs, and pictures of what it will look like fully grown and a close up picture of the flowers if it’s a plant that blooms. It was by far the best nursery I went to in my quest for my new garden.

Yelper from Burbank
Jason C., nursery customer from Covina, CA

Victor & Johnny helped me out very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. it’s a big lot so might not be a good place to shop for the impatient. if your looking for quality plants & great prices Garden View is the spot ! Ask for Johnnie or Victor they will help you and point you in the right direction !

Jason C.
Yelper from Covina, CA
Nick D, a Garden View Nursery customer from Pasadena, California

This review is really overdue. I visited Gardenview nursery about six months ago and bought some Indian Laurel fig bushes for my house. Ian is really great when it comes to explaining plants and trees differences.
It’s very reasonably priced they have a huge selection I went back today to buy some more things.
They loaded it in the car for you so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting which is great.

Great business great service, and really nice selection.

Nick D.
Yelper from Pasadena, CA
Jody V, nursery customer from Alhambra, California

This place may seem out of the way for a lot of the LA Yelpers, but it’s probably 20minutes from downtown.  It’s just one exit north on the 605 from the 10.  They have a huge selection of trees, perennial, annuals, shade plants, succulents, cacti, drought tolerant, and topieries!

I’ve gotten a decent amount of my perennial plants from here and just picked up some shade plants today, a few flowering maples, and 7 ferns.  I also got a salvia (lavender), and sweet broom.  In the past I’ve gotten salvia’s, some succulents, and fountain grasses.  Everything is still alive and very healthy.  The staff is helpful and today they even had a guy from there to help out with questions.

They have very good prices, much better than Home Depot, Lowes, Osh or Target.  They have sales that happen during holidays, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.  Get on their mailing list to get a heads up about what’s going on and when.  They also have a nice web site with tips on planting and garden maintenance for each month of the year.

Jody V.
Yelper from Alhambra, CA
Jean K., nursery customer from San Gabriel, California

We were welcomed in at 3:52 even though they closed st 4PM. The staff we encountered were all helpful and pleasantly answered all our questions. Love the huge lot of greenery as far as my eyes can see, I wonder if they take volunteers? It seems like such a happy place to be! Great prices for what we expected to be much more expensive, and the delivery charge was reasonable. Will definitely be back!

Jean K.
Yelper from San Gabriel, CA

I think this Nursery is very complete, they have a great selection of all types of plants.
The customer service was excellent, I really felt the staff member Geo was knowledgeable and courteous. He was a great help in providing information on the various plants I was interested in. This nursery is a must see!!

Ed T.
Customer from South Pasadena, CA

I purchased a number of boxed pepper trees, some black bamboo, an angels trumpet and some ground cover at Garden View. While a little far, if you are on the east side of L.A. it’s worth the drive. Much more competitive than Home Depot or Lowe’s and the best value we have found for some great hearty plants. Staff is knowledgeable and they have delivery and planting options. We had our order delivered to Eagle Rock area for $50.

Alexis T.
Yelper from Los Angeles
Lisa, nursery customer from Diamond Bar, CA

Steve at Garden View was more than helpful and knowledgeable about plants. I came to him and described a plant. He took me out and started showing me other plants. Unable to determine the plan given my vague description and my persistence that the plant is common, he went above and beyond and offered to identify the plant if I emailed it to him. I said I drove the whole lot and did not see one. He said if they do not have it he will tell me the name of the plant so that at least then I will know what the plant is in my search.
I emailed my photos and he was able to not only identify the plant but found a plant for me. I was more than pleased. This is a GREAT place for plants, they know them well and I will continue to shop here.

Lisa P.
Yelper from Diamond Bar, CA
Sophia C., nursery customer from Los Angeles, CA

This nursery comes through and through for me when making those gardening projects for my properties. I’m not sure why people claim this place is pricey when you compare the size and the quality of their plants versus mainstream nurseries that sell you mediocre quality plants at cheap prices. You get what you pay for from here.

We have bought privacy hedges to vines to 3-10 year old citrus and shade trees from here and NONE of the plants have ever failed on us. The staff here is knowledgeable and friendly and will help the best they can with folks like me that can describe a plant, but don’t officially know names of them. We have even tried their delivery system, which was courteous and on time when they stated on the invoices.

Yes, this place is definitely a nursery more for bigger landscaping projects, not just replacing dead perennials you’d get 3 for $10. They do have smaller plants right up front by the entrance, but their real goods seems to be for genuine trees or plants you want to sprout and take off after 2-3 years of pruning and letting nature take its course.

Sophia C.
Yelper from Los Angeles, CA
Sheena E, a satisfied Yelp nursery custoemer

So far I love it here! Tons of plants, the place is really really big! I called before we went and the guy I talked to was such a help! even refereed me to another place to get a good deal on soil. We bought a bunch of shady flowers, some ground covers, a dwarf peach tree and some other items. Great prices, good service, a must see! Preferably on a day that isn’t so hot…omg I was dying! haha

Sheena E.
Yelper from Lake Elsinore, CA
Leah S Profile photo, a nursery customer from Glendora, California

A lot of plants to choose from and they give discounts even to walk-in and retail customers. Manuel is the staff who helped us and he is very knowledgeable about plants and plant needs.

Leah S.
Yelper from Glendora, CA
Genevie, nursery customer from Norwalk CA

Awesome! Steven took us around and showed us we eventually bought something we weren’t even looking for! Thanks Steve!!

Genevie V.
Yelper from Norwalk, CA

I have bought plants from expensive “high end” plant boutiques and large home improvement stores and you can not beat the quality, prices or help you get at Garden View.

Customer from Altadena, CA

I think this Nursery is very complete, they have a great selection of all types of plants.
The customer service was excellent, I really felt the staff member Geo was knowledgeable and courteous. He was a great help in providing information on the various plants I was interested in. This nursery is a must see!!

Elizabeth B.
Customer from Monrovia, CA

Great selection and customer service! While looking for new ground cover, we were greeted promptly by Steve. He was very helpful in showing us different options and explaining the care and growth patterns. We also selected 2 new trees and were assisted by two helpful employees, without asking! Thumbs up to Garden View! We will definitely be back!

Diane H.
Customer from Glendora, CA

Landscape & Pool Construction


Outdoor dining room and kitchen under wood pergola with bbq

Garden View did an excellent job on designing and building my large outdoor kitchen. It included a barbecue, burners, fireplace, large counter areas, and stone base and pillars. He built a shade structure off the house and used pavers for the floor areas.

Mark and his staff was delightful to work with. I have contacted them many times for additional purchases and minor tweeks, and they were as helpful as when they were constructing my kitchen.

C. Thoke
Landscape Construction in San Marino, CA
water wiseSpanishStylefrontyardlandscapeinSierraMadre

2015 was a particularly special year for us because we received the most beautiful yard ever. Not only are we enjoying the front and back, but everyone who walks by gets to share in the lovely “community” space.

Thank you, thank you.

Also, the Garden View maintenance crew has done a superb job of taking care of the property. Steven has been responsive to my requests, and he and his team have taken the initiative to take care of all those things that go unseen by the owner.

I am truly grateful, and I appreciate your bending the “rules” to provide a lower monthly $350 fee. I am happy and satisfied with your service, so please, starting Jan 1 increase the monthly fee to $400 as originally proposed.

Finally, thank you for the delicious chocolates delivered by Richard. I have some English Toffee I made last night with your name on it. Maybe I can get that over to your home or office.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous, healthy 2016.

Mike Noll
Landscape Construction and Maintenance in Sierra Madre, CA
Nicolitsa P, new owner of remodeled backyard and pool in La Cañada Flintridge, CA

We just finished a job with Garden View and we were absolutely amazed. Jeff and his team miraculously transformed our backyard from a drab to fab. The job was completed in a 3 month time span which is unheard of! The perfection and personal service we received was above and beyond anything i have ever experienced. They did a phenomenal job! Thank you!

Nicolitsa P.
Swimming Pool and Backyard Remodel in La Cañada Flintridge, CA
Gwen, a satisfied customer of a backyard remodel in Monrovia, CA

I just had to write on here. Don’t do it often but when I get exceptional work done and fabulous service I seriously had to. I have been living in a great house that was perfect to me except for the backyard area.I hated it. Dreary, boring, dry looking, horribly monochromatic….I dreaded spending time outdoors. It’s been on the backburner for me for a long time. I own a hair salon and was mentioning it to a client in passing and she suggested Garden View. She used them and actually won an award or two.I was skeptical because being a single working parent, money was an issue. I gave Mark the owner a ballpark of what I was willing to spend but other than that gave him Carte Blanche. Oh my gosh. He did a complete transformation that is unbelievable.It is complete nirvana to me and I am so happy it’s summer so I can spend EVERY evening enjoying my outdoors, cocktail in hand, smile on my face. Thank you Mark and crew for all you’ve done.Beautiful, reasonable,and amazing. I will recommend you to everyone.. Thanks again

Gwen L.
Backyard Remodel in Monrovia, CA
Altadena, CA estate backyard water features and divided pavers with fountain

The home has been great for ten years! Now that it’s just Jayne and I, it’s just become too much for us to manage given our other interest. 1932 needs a family and we’ve found one for it…a wonderful one! We’re now in the process of simplifying our lives so we’re likely to purchase a condo on Orange Grove, not unlike like all the other old people!  We’d like to travel more and we own a home in Sedona that we’d like to spend more time at, too. And, daughter doesn’t show an interest in keeping 1932 for herself, so that’s made the decision really easy. She prefers the east.

Your company has been wonderful to deal with, I clearly remember the property’s ext. grounds sliding over the years, until you and your company took over. You’ve successfully brought Chris Cox’s vision (and much more) back to life, brilliantly. If you were to ask me what I valued most about your company I’d say, GV’s pro-activity. It’s been a blessing not to have to ask for things to get done, like weeding, sprinkler repairs, etc..

I wish you and your company all the best!

Brent Shields
Landscape Installation and Maintenance in Altadena, CA

To our friends at Garden View,

Our landscape was in need of a makeover: hard pan with a dying, ugly lawn; cracked concrete driveway, front walk and patio; ugly chain link gates and fences; an inadequate irrigation system with poor coverage; huge tree roots coming up out of the lawn; boring plants (of those that had survived years of mow, blow and go)… not a pretty sight!

Then we happened upon Garden View, and we are so glad we did. In the space of a few short months, our yard was transformed from an eyesore to curb-appeal eye candy. People keep telling us how beautiful it is, and cars driving by slow down to look. We have seen many with their jaws dropping at the sight. We have gone from “Who are those weird-o’s with the ugly yard?” to “We’re sure glad to have you in the neighborhood!”, and we owe it all to you guys and your skillful crew.

We are delighted with such excellent design and execution, and with your keeping it all maintained so well now and into the future. We look forward to watching it all become even more lovely as the plantings mature and grow!

We could go on, but we don’t want to gush. So we’ll just say YOU PEOPLE ROCK and let it go at that.

Linda and Steve Z.
Landscape Design and Construction in Monrovia, CA

They installed our pool. They did a beautiful job. They were really patient throughout the process. They were especially patient when we were trying to determine our price of the work. He really hung in there and worked the numbers for a couple of months. I really appreciated that.

Debbie Talianko
Pool Construction in Sierra Madre, CA

I have been using gardenview for years. I used there Landscape division for my home in Pasadena. I had my entire landscape replanted and new sprinklers installed. They created a blueprint and illistration for all my needs. I was very happy with the professionalism of there staff and workers. I would definatly use them on any future needs.

Rodney P.
Landscape Construction in Temple City, CA

We’ve had lots of contracting work done on our house over the years but no one has met the standards set by Garden View.

We stumbled upon Garden View on the internet looking for a company that did both landscaping and pools.

We had our pool designed and installed by them about 7 years ago. They did all the landscaping around the pool as well as some light work on our driveway. We loved the plan, we loved their professionalism and speed of work and we loved the final product. From start to finish I think the entire project took about 3 months. That included the planning, the putting in the pool and doing all the landscape cement work and landscape planting.

Can’t say enough about Mark and his attentiveness. Truth be told, Garden View wasn’t the cheapest place but when we saw the final product we were more than satisfied with the price. Most importantly, over the last 6 years we have had a few issues come up regarding both the pool and some fencing we had put in. Both times Mark came out immediately to inspect the problem and he had both issues repaired within a week. He did so at no cost to us even though neither were under warranty.

If you are looking for a professional company that does high quality work but also has creative visions and unique planning – Garden View has got to be your choice.

Javier G.
Landscape and Pool installation in Pasadena, CA

I’m not sure if you’ve seen our final completed project, but it is amazing. We’ve also added sound and an outdoor television – very little reason to be inside anymore!! At night, sitting outside, it feels like being at the Ritz Carlton. Really just great. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you. Companies that take great pride in their work are rare these days, but Garden View embodies that. Thanks.

Al H.
Landscape in La Canada Flintridge, CA
backyard render

I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new back yard.  Our plants are alive and blooming and our trees are leafing out beautifully.

Your crew was friendly and efficient and helpful and professional and pleasant to work with.  Eddie was here when we needed him and very responsive to our requests.  We enjoyed his sense of humor and his wit!

Felix was also there each week to check on things.

Thank you Mark!

Diane and JP Harris
Landscape Construction in Sierra Madre, CA

It was indeed a pleasure to work with you and your team. Everyone we encountered was a professional through and through. The decision to choose Garden View is reinforced every time we use our backyard, which is very often.

Thank you!

Brian, Poornima, Deven & Anya
Landscape Construction in La Canada, CA
Art Deco style infinity edge pool with custom glass tile mosaic

I work in real estate and interior design. So, perhaps even more than most people, I have to fill my contact list with reliable, fair contractors, craftspeople, and product sources. I’m happy say that when I have a project outdoors, I call Mark Meahl at Garden View to build it… Brad and I have known and worked with Mark Meahl, owner of Garden View for nearly a dozen years and two houses. Our first home had 2.2 acres of virtually undeveloped space. Garden View was large enough to design, build, and maintain a landscaping plan that included a full loggia addition for the house, a pool, hardscape, and plant material. It was completed within 1% of bid. In our home in La Canada Flintridge, Mark and Garden View have remodeled our front yard and the pool/pool area. They continue to modify the remainder of the grounds and to provide maintenance. I recommend Garden View to friends and clients. Mark is fanatical about project details and genuinely excited about his projects. Moreover, he’s reliable, meticulous in his billing, and fair in his pricing.

Mary Serles
Swimming Pool and Landscape in La Canada, CA
Rock pool and patio with BBQ

Garden View just finished a 3 month project in our backyard. It was completely demolished except for the pool. We added a water feature, built-in BBQ, firepit, decking, spa and a refurbished pool with new seating and a beach entry. The yard was landscaped beautifully and every worker was of the highest quality. Garden View did our front yard 5 years ago and we used them again because of their quality. I would highly recommend them.

Vickie S.
Landscape / Pool Install in Sierra Madre, CA
Bill L, a satisfied Los Angeles landscape construction customer

A friend recommended Garden View, but was concerned they might not travel this far west. I’m glad they did. I worked for a long time planning a perfect landscape with Mark, Rich, and all and they delivered. They took a concept that I had and were able to expand/improve on it. The design turned out better than expected. I threw in many ideas along the way. They talked me out of the bad ones, and kept the good ones. The construction was as painless as any annoying construction project can be. Their staff and contractors were always polite and helpful. It was rare not to have someone working almost every day. Efficient. The result was an A. Months later Garden View is still present, touching up, replacing, and maintaining. It was reassuring to hear Mark say, “We’re here forever.”

Bill L.
Landscape Construction in Los Angeles, CA
Swimming Pool with waterfall streaming into pool under custom wood deck

They completely re-built our backyard. They rebuilt our pool and re-designed our landscape.  They upgraded the gas line, infrastructure, pool equipment, and lighting.. They also installed a patio cover and re-built a fire pit. They did some work on the front yard to dress it up and match the back yard. They now perform the weekly maintenance on our yard.

I could not be happier with their work.  It is now my favorite part of the home.  I am really pleased with their service. They always work so hard and are on time.  They even cover my car while blowing leaves or doing other yard maintenance. They have also chased after my dogs when they ran away.  They really go above and beyond their call of duty.  I feel safe going on vacation for two weeks, always knowing nothing bad is going to happen.  They are very trustworthy and personable.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  I feel lucky and happy to have them working on my yard.  I feel I have a good relationship with the owner and he always comes to check on the work.  They are very responsive from top to bottom.

Glenn Oyoung
Backyard Landscape and Swimming Pool Remodel in Arcadia, California

New pool, water features, landscape, patio, fence, gates, walls, irrigation, and lighting. Design and build.

Very impressive results, always met commitments and were very flexible. Best construction and landscaping experience I have ever had.

Chad Olsen
Fencing, Landscaping, Lawn Irrigation, Lighting and Pool Construction in Pasadena, California

When Mark and his team said they wanted us to have a “wow” experience, I thought – sure we would.  Well, the results are even better.  They took our ideas, made some suggestions to take full advantage of our back yard and then presented two designs.  Both were good; but, the free form pool they suggested took it up a notch along with the landscape design.

The construction process took less than 3 months.  The quality of the workmanship, particularly the small details, were better than I’ve seen from any other contractor.  The lead designer was also our project manager.  He did a great job of communicating with us every step of the way.   No issue or question was left unresolved.

Best of all is the final product.  It’s awesome!  We have a resort in our own back yard.  We could not be happier with the results and the people at Garden View.  I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a pool or landscape.

Carlos Valles
Landscape and Pool Installation in Arcadia, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful design and construction you provided for our family’s back yard and pool area. It is a breath of fresh air to experience the consideration and prompt follow up you all provided to our needs and concerns. Great Job.

Angus O.
Backyard and Swimming Pool in West Covina, CA

Garden View turned our blah backyard into an outdoor paradise. They did our driveway, deck, fencing and wonderful landscaping which includes a water feature that is unique and inviting. Absolutely first class in all areas of the company. Design, production, and personal integrity were outstanding. After visiting their website and meeting with Mark in person we knew that we had found a”team” that played with an “everyone wins” philosophy. Mark and Richard studied our project from all possible angles and came up with a plan and final product that exceeded what we believed possible. His entire crew took pride in their daily tasks and carried out every phase with care, professionalism and talent. We loved what they did so much we now look forward to what they can do for our front yard!

Ed C.
Complete Landscape Construction in Monrovia, CA

I really have to hand it to this company. Mark and Eddie are true professionals in an industry that can be unprofessional. Garden View did my original landscape 10 years ago and did a great job. I moved away a few years ago and rented the property out and recently decided to sell it. Needless to say, while it was being rented, the landscape looked less than optimal.

I rehired Garden View to spruce it up again for sale. They were extraordinarily quick with their price quote. I didn’t get my other quotes back until after I decided to hand the job back to Garden View. They were ready to start and had my project done very quickly. In time for me to list my property on the target date. They managed the entire project and went so far as to resolve a permit issue that popped up the very next day.

Garden View is not the cheapest out there. But they do a good job, they are professional and finished the job as they said they would do on time. How often does that happen in the contracting industry? I would definitely hire them for another project. Thanks Eddie and Mark!

Nick P.
Landscape in Azusa, CA
Two tier waterfall spa with beach grotto and bridge

Garden View was contracted to construct a swimming pool/spa. The design was outstanding and the workmanship superb. Mark Meahl requested our permission to submit the pool for a landscape award and it won.  We recontacted Mr. Meahl at a later time to complete some improvements.  Again, the workmanship was outstanding.  I have made several referrals of Garden View to others and have heard the same comments.

Garden View has also been contracted to perform landscape maintenance for our Homeowners Association. Again, the work by Garden View has been recognized with an award.

PJ Mallon
Pool and Landscape Construction in Azusa, CA
stacked stone custom swimming pool with waterfall and lounge chairs

Garden View has been the best and most professional contractor that I have ever worked with. I was happy that I was able to find them. The pool area and grounds are a daily pleasure to see and experience. My neighbors even bring friends of theirs over just to see
the pool. I found Mark and Eddie to be exactly what I needed to create and execute this project. Everything was done on schedule and on budget. Any additions were agreed upon in advance and in writing. There were no surprises when it came to the invoice as everything was documented as we progressed. I would recommend Garden View to anyone that wants an outdoor project to be something special to enjoy long into the future.

Bruce B.
Pool Installation in Duarte, CA

The company listened to our ideas and drew up plans that captured our interest. They talked us through every step of the process and answered all of our questions with patience. When the ideal project was a little more than we expected, they helped us find ways to bring the project back into budget without huge compromises. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and up front about all costs. The worked quickly and cleanup everything. They are a full service shop and we are so pleased with our new backyard.

Bruce and Diana
Construction customers in Pasadena, CA

I worked with Garden View Landscaping in 2011 doing a major residential backyard remodel, including pool, and was very happy with the result. Garden View does design/build, which makes “on-the-fly” changes easier. Mark Meahl is the owner, and he was the person to whom I originally spoke when I decided on redoing the yard. He is friendly and competent and helped structure an overall vision for the yard. He subsequently assigned Richard, one of his design specialists, to our project. Richard did a terrific job for us. He had good design ideas, and he listened to what we wanted. We redesigned numerous times. During the construction, Richard was the manager, overseeing the subs. He did a good job sequencing events. I didn’t see Mark too much during this time, but when I called him regarding a problem with setting some of the rocks by the pool, he came out personally to do the rock positioning. I had asked him to come out personally because he has a particular talent for placing rocks. I was happy with the result. About a year after the project concluded, several of the 50,000 hour LED landscape lights stopped working. Mark replaced them without charge, even though there was no specific guarantee. Also, we found that the false heather that was planted by the pool was attracting too many bees, so he changed those out at nursery cost for new plants, ie, no labor charges. I felt he did these things from a sense of pride in his work and commitment to his clients.

I subsequently worked with Garden View last summer, May, 2015, to do some further work on our landscape prior to my daughter getting married at the house. Again, Richard oversaw the project and Garden View did what they said they would do. They did a particularly good job installing artificial grass. Mark is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive landscaper. I feel he represents very good value. He is honest and does what he says for a fair price. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to do landscaping for your house. I should also mention that he has been around for a long time. He also executed a design for a Japanese garden in the front of my house in 1990.

Jack Seto
Landscape and Pool Construction in San Marino, CA
Satisfied Sierra Madre landscape customer, Mark I.

Mark and company did our landscape almost 25 years ago – and it still looks great. We still are using the original timer box and control valves – the ones they put in were quality enough to last decades. Their gardeners have taken care of it since then every week and we still enjoy the layout of it all – the curves and overall spacing of everything has worked out well. The men who take care of it are all very nice and are willing to do an extra this or that. The yard has matured nicely, the sprinklers are still all working and very few plants have needed to be replaced. All of the trees survived well and most are now over 30 feet high. We are very happy with the initial design and quality of our original investment back in 1988 and the service and value provided by Garden View has been great. They are easy to contact, easy to deal with and give better than fair service. One of these days maybe it will be time for a pool!

Mark I.
Landscape Construction in Sierra Madre, CA
shallow pool entry and free form pool

Built a pool, awning, fire pit, decking, irrigation, lighting, planting of trees, flowers. lawn etc…

Everything went well from the 1st appointment to see the property to design and approval of the project, thru completion. They were on time , courteous and performed all aspect of the project to my satisfaction. A+

Maria Bailey
Landscape and Pool Installation in Duarte, California
detail of rock cove with low voltage lighting built into swimming pool

As a general contractor, I am very particular about the companies that I hire, especially when it is my own home. Garden View had a completely removed all of our 15 year old landscaping and had a new spa, pool and an incredible landscape design installed. From the plan designs thru project completion, Garden View performed 100% in every respect. Great company, great people.

Todd L.
Swimming Pool Design/Build in Pasadena, CA

Garden View designed and installed a new pool for us, including a slide, stacked stone retaining wall, two baja shelves and landscaping (with sprinkler system) around the pool.

Working with Garden View was an extremely satisfying process.  We knew the features that we wanted but not exactly what we wanted the pool to look like, so we gave our thoughts to Mark, the owner, and our project manager Richard during the design phase, and they came up with a design that was beautiful and made the most of our oddly-shaped backyard (basically a large flat triangle next to a slope).  Once we engaged their services and started working out the budget they worked easily with us, first by providing us with a design that gave us all the things we asked for – and then, because we realized it was way out of our budget range, adjusting the design to fit our budget limit.  Because of when we started the project, delays in the permitting put us at a finish date of August.  We told Garden View that we really wanted to have the pool done before the end of the summer and didn’t want the schedule to slip. They met the dates as quickly as possible – some days trucks and materials didn’t come that were expected, but overall we didn’t lose more than a week or so off the schedule and we had the pool a couple weeks before school started. (Since this is LA, we had a couple months of use before it got too cold to swim).  We did frequently check in with Richard about the schedule and about questions that we had; Richard was great about responding with answers in a timely manner, and with cost information if we were requesting changes or asking about the budget.

We LOVE the pool.  The multiple features of the pool (slide, 2 baja shelves, 8′ deep end, shallow end) mean that many people can be in it at the same time doing lots of different things.  The slide is great – a stone staircase leads to its top and the bottom of the slide is raised above the pool by a foot plus, so any ride down the slide results in a nice plunge. Mark and the team at Garden View take a lot of pride in the work that they do and it shows in the final result.  You can definitely get a basic pool for less money than we paid Garden View, but I think our final result actually looks more expensive than it was.

Jeanne Herring
Pool Construction in La Cañada Flintridge, California

Garden View is an amazing pool builder/landscaping company! Hired them a year and a half ago to remodel my pool, add a new covered patio, replace a driveway and refinish the front of my house. Oh and to landscape it all and maintain it on a monthly basis. The construction was done ON TIME and completed as it was designed. Owner Mark has some fantastic designers too! Hi Eddie! Mark truly cares about his clients and does his best to make sure they are pleased with the company’s work. The monthly maintenance is ALWAYS done right every week and I get compliments from passersby often. I can truly see why they are an award winning company. If you are considering them…..USE THEM! You will be pleased.

Paul G.
Swimming Pool Remodel and Landscaping in San Gabriel, CA

As a Facility Maintenance Contractor I can appreciate the professionalism that Garden View shows in their work. They renovated my personal residence over two years ago and it will look like brand new for many decades. The important thing is the was they handle every aspect of the process, simply put TLC!! Mark and Edd as a semi competitor my hat is off to you and your organization, the work was on time and the crews where trained and friendly. Thanks for a job well done

Andre N.
Landscape Remodel in Monrovia, CA

Landscape Maintenance


Just letting you know that I have received MANY calls from the residents saying they LOVE how the community looks beautiful again! Kudos to your landscapers!!!!

Homeowners Association Manager in Covina, CA

The Mexican sage is beautifully in bloom; the rest seems to be taking hold; they even seemed to come out-of-phase to clean up after the rainstorm. Nice work, keep it up, thank you, and happy holidays

Landscape Maintenance in Pasadena, CA

Thank you, best gardeners we have ever had. They are nice and appreciable. Guzman notified us about a gas leak a week ago. It was a main line leak. People could have died. Salvador is the BEST!

Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance in Whittier, CA

Michael C. has been the Maintenance Manager at Arcadia Townhomes West (ATW) for over 20 years. In that time we have gone through several gardeners. However, there has been no better Company servicing the landscaping (although we give Top Notch Trees high marks for the servicing of over 80 trees on the property). I am the Treasurer so between Michael and myself, we get all the complaints and never the thanks. For all those that do not say thanks or compliment those who have done a job well, please know that we have a lot of gratitude to the people responsible for maintaining our landscaping. Thank goodness we discovered your Company! We are very grateful to all the people at Garden View who have done such a great job. Thank you so much and we wish you all a very safe and Happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!

Elaine and Michael C.
Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance in Arcadia, CA

Wow! The lawn looks so nice

Mary C.
Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance in Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the good looking lawn.

Michael C.
Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance in Arcadia, CA

Thank you for bringing my grass back, I appreciate it.

Maria K.
Landscape Maintenance in Pasadena, CA

You all are doing a great job. The last palm in my back yard was trimmed and looks great. Also, speaking as a board member, the common areas look great. Thanks to you and your team for all your great work!

Landscape Maintenance in South Pasadena, CA