What to Expect From Your
Design/Build Consultation

Initial Design Consultation (Approx. 60-90 Minutes)


Consultant will review property with you and discuss your ideas, goals & interests


Review portfolio while consultant takes notes on your taste, style interests, goals, and functionality


Review Garden View's process, systems, application of art principles, and how our team makes it all come together


Consultant and client will fill out a questionnaire to assemble a WAG (Budget) for the project


Consultant discusses design implementation, team creative design process and how to move forward if desired

This consultation presents valuable information and mines personal preferences so we ask whenever possible all decision making/interested parties be present. It is important to start navigating differences in goals/interests of the whole family from the beginning.

The consultation usually takes an hour to hour and a half.

What is Design/Build? And what's the alternative?

The biggest difference is One Coordinated effort vs a series of contributors without a system of working together.

Garden View Way


a project delivery system used in the construction industry in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the “Design/Build Contractor.”

Their Way

Architect & Subs Processes

When homeowners hire their own architects and subcontractors,
they often are left in the middle of headaches & disputes and there is a lack of singular responsibility which can be more costly down the road.

Mark Meahl next to custom pond1. Initial Project Consultation

Creative design team paired w/ real world construction and budget experience

Bob Ross1. Initial Design Consultation

The initial sales call with a landscape architect may be a great artist but not an experienced builder or experienced with construction costs

San Marino Design Video Thumbnail2. Design

A conceptual design presented via 3D video and images comes at a much lower cost with a more engaging, easily interpreted and realistic representation of the plan

blueprints2. Design

A good architectural design should be much more expensive because it needs to be extensively detailed.  This will make a best attempt at comparing apples to apples when used for distribution to contractors for bidding.

calculator and notes3. Estimating / Value Optimization

Experienced estimators provide selection options and accurate committed costs.  This is where our coordinated team can work with you and your budget to perform cost benefit analysis via scope, selection & phasing options

confused estimators3. Estimating

with each tradesman having their own performance and quality standards, it makes it very difficult to get revised costing, options, and scope changes from various contractors

front of the line4. Permiting

The permitting/planning process can often be more lengthy than the actual construction. We have a full-time Permit Manager who works quickly to respond to plan checker queries and push projects through the permitting process as expeditiously as reasonable.

Back of the Line at Inspectors Office4. Permitting

Many permits need to be pulled with the right contractors licenses.  Usually the architect is not a licensed contractor

overall shot of backyard with baja shelf contemporary style pool, firewall, seating area, and gym in background5. Construction

ONE coordinated effort always means a better, smoother and more cost effective project.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" -Aristotle

Ugly Pool with Many Contractors5. Construction

Lack of coordination & synergy between the dozens of trades that come together for your project can cause headaches, errors, issues, and an inferior final product.

The Garden View Team6. Warranty

Accountability is one place from a well known established company

Ugly Pool with Many Contractors6. Warranty

Who is responsible when mixed disciplines come together?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Garden View plus Buildertrend

Internal Management:

Gantt Chart

Build Schedule and Workflow Management

Daily Logs for landscape construction projects