Swimming Pool Construction

Garden View offers excellence in every style of pool or any combination of styles.

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Pools use Much Less Water than Lawns

pool and a lawn side by side water use

Most studies agree that lawns use more than twice as much water as a pool. By adding decks around the pool and using a pool cover the water savings are substantial.  The initial filling of a pool is when most of the water is used.

In a worst case scenario, if rationing was instituted and pools were not allowed to be filled using homeowners water, we could truck in potable water. The cost to fill the average pool would be in the area of +/- $1,200.00 depending on the size. For remodeled pools, we can also use large water bladders and store the existing water for reuse in the remodeled pool.

Penzella, Paul. “Drought: A Crisis for California”
Los Angeles News Group 2014: 36-37. Print.

Unparalleled Design

Garden View provides creative design solutions, and unlike other swimming pool construction companies, our designs can encompass all aspects of pool and landscape construction projects. Guided by our clients, we take any style desired and solve the puzzle of engineering it efficiently and aesthetically.


Recipient of Over 100 Awards

the California Landscape Contractors Association has issued Garden View hundreds of awards including:
  • Best Design/Build in State
  • Best Residential in State

Fully Licensed by the California State License Board

43 Years in the Spirit of Constant Improvement”
Consistent quality, service, and fair pricing since 1978

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Infinity Edge Pools

Also known as “zero-edge” or “endless” pools, they appear as if the water is flowing over into infinity. With this style, you can turn any slope into a stunning pool.

Informal Swimming Pools

Creatively designed informal swimming pool shapes can embellish the natural beauty of your landscape.

Hard to Build Pools

We dare to build pools where others won’t. With our years of experience and know-how, we make the most of any space.

Formal Swimming Pools

Original and sophisticated, a formal swimming pool will add class to any property.

Natural Swimming Pools

With the help of our team, you can creatively construct the perfect natural scene incorporating a swimming pool and spa.

Small Area Solutions

Your property doesn’t need to be enormous to accommodate a Garden View swimming pool. We make the best of any circumstance and can make a small area feel spacious.

Competitively Priced / High Value

Award Winning QualityReliability, and Service do NOT have to Cost More

We control costs through efficiency, quality management, long-term employees, our own 72-point inspection checklist, synergy between divisions, solid control of all elements of the job, and not taking on more jobs than we can efficiently handle.

Saltwater and Eco-Friendly

Our pools are sanitized by saltwater equipment, which is much safer and less harsh for your family. We also use energy-efficient equipment, which lowers your utility bill and is much better for the environment.
Rock Artisan detail work

Real Boulder and Rock Artisans

We rarely use fake rock. Our artisans can install real rock and real rock veneer for less money than artificial boulders cost.  We have hundreds of tons of hand selected boulders in stock at our nursery and have systems of splitting and carving them. We place them so they look natural and have small back-yard cranes and special equipment to install them. We can do almost anything with real boulders that can be done with artificial rock without ever needing to repaint them since they are the real thing!  See our article on boulders…

Quality Equipment and Finishes

The cheapest option is usually low cost for a reason. We only use quality equipment and materials, so that your pool will last long term. This includes everything from remote automated heater and lighting controllers to quality pebble3M, or other durable finishes. There is nothing worse than paying out of your own pocket for repairs on a poorly designed or cheaply constructed pool. That won’t happen with Garden View—we guarantee it!
Mark Meahl, Owner Garden View

Daily Owner Involvement

Mark Meahl, president and founder of Garden View, Inc. is intimately involved from the conception of the design through its completion. Our talented design team is pivotal in designing and managing the project throughout construction.

Synergy Between Different Divisions and Team Players

Garden View owns its own large plant nursery and employs landscapers, masons, and other specialty workers. The synergy of having our own designer/project managers and in-house crews, our own large nursery, and our being a licensed pool builder provides for efficiency, competitive pricing, and quality and schedule control.
The client’s ability to come to our 12-acre nursery and choose the plants they want in their yard is pivotal. From design to construction, all aspects of the yard and how they interlink are considered. The patio, pool, water features, landscape, lighting, arbors, etc., should all work together to produce the very best finished product.

Service Area

Garden View provides swimming pool construction services to the following Southern California cities: Altadena, Arcadia, Azusa, Bradbury, Covina, Duarte, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, La Canada Flintridge, La Habra Heights, Monrovia, Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, Temple City, Walnut, and West Covina.