Mark Meahl

grass with well trained deep watered roots

Benefits of Deep Watering

Lawns can survive on water twice per week Deep watering works! The pictures below show four projects within a block of each other one month after watering was restricted to two days per week in Los Angles. The two projects on the left are maintained by Garden View, and we trained the roots to grow […]

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Tuberous rooted Cyclamen Bulbs

Bulbs 101

Bulbs 101 Bulbs are actually several kinds of plants with specialized roots or stem bases that store nutrients and energy for the plants growth. There are bulbs for most seasons. Many of the perennial plants we admire most are bulbs or related plants. When most of us think about bulbs we are planting them for

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yellow purple red orange and white flower bed

Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants It is always wise to add a high quality, organic mulch to the soil, whenever planting bedding plants, especially in existing beds where bedding plants are being replaced. Even if the soil still appears to contain a lot of organic matter from last season’s planting, adding new mulch increases and replenishes beneficial micro-organisms,

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