Garden View Receives 8 Awards from the CLCA in 2015

Top 3 CLCA Awards

Garden View Landscape, Nursery & Pools was the recipient of 8 Awards from the
California Landscape Contractors Association in 2015, including the top 3 Special Awards

This gives a total of 75 Awards from the CLCA since 1978

1. Sweepstakes Award

Awarded to the Entry Deemed Best in all Categories

Shackett Residence - Sierra Madre, CA

Garden View originally landscaped this home 30 years ago, 7 years ago Garden View re-landscape the front yard and remodeled face of the house, changing it from a Victorian style to Arroyo Craftsman. In 2014 Garden View remodeled the back yard, the Shackett's told Mark Meahl they wanted their yard to look like a mountain wilderness. Eddie Anaya designed and managed this project. All the crews loved working for this wonderful couple and gave their best work.

2. President's Award

Awarded to the Best Landscape Maintenance Entry

El Campo Estate & Botanical Gardens - Pasadena, CA

Garden View originally landscaped this 2.5 acre property 15 years ago and has done several upgrades since. Garden View has been maintaining this gorgeous property since the first installation. This beautiful home is being constantly upgraded by the general contractor Danny Devitis. All the credit goes to the creative genius & vision of the owner Steve Streit and diligent work by Garden View Crews.

3. Judge's Award

Awarded to the Best Residential Installation Entry

James Residence - Pasadena, CA

This hillside property is on a small, curvy but busy street. The difficulty of this installation was not missed by the Judges. The pool and Trex deck has 21 underground caissons going into bedrock to support them. The Owners eye for detail and great taste made this all possible. Richard Reidel designed and managed every little detail of this project.

4. Best Large Commercial Maintenance

Mt. Cove HOA - Azusa, CA

This 300 acre homeowner association is kept in beautiful condition with just 2 days a week irrigation. Garden View Crews have upgraded many areas, did extensive irrigation repairs and lowered the water bill extensively. The credit goes to the great Board of the HOA for their foresight and trust to get the systems repaired and working right.

5. Best Unlimited Residential Estate Landscape Installation

Pantazis Residence - La Cañada, CA

The Pantazis had a vision and Jeff Webber caught it, designed and managed the crews to build this amazing project in only 3 months.

6. Best Residential Sustainable Landscape Installation

Shields Residence - Altadena, CA

Sustainable landscapes do not have to be ugly, dry, and barren. Richard Reidel, Mark Meahl and crews were able to build a beautiful cactus and succulent garden that will grow into a masterpiece.

7. Best Large Residential (Estate) Maintenance

Shields Residence - Altadena, CA

The Shields appreciate the beauty and excellence that they built into this wonderfully designed yard. Garden View Crews manicured every inch of this great property.

8. Best Medium Commercial Maintenance

515 S Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA

Garden View has maintained this property for 10 years. The challenges are many but the results of great crews and attentive board produced wonderful results.

Garden View held the "Breakfast of Champions" party on Friday, August 28th to commemorate the awards.  Here are some photos from the party: