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Educational Outreach Program

Introducing Garden View Nursery’s Young Gardener’s Club!

"All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today."


Hands covered in soil, brows glistening in the sun, and a smile across their faces: a group of elementary school students have just finished planting up some saplings. Without a doubt, there is something amazing that happens when kids learn about nature in a completely hands on way. This year we set out to share that experience with the youth of our community. In developing the free educational program for Garden View Nursery's Young Gardener's Club, in partnership with our local schools, we have developed a program that is not only incredibly fun , but exposes students to new ways of thinking about the world. When a student gets to see the fruit of their labor in growing a tree from a small size, in taking responsibility for a living thing, and then taking home the tree to plant in their yard and one day building a tree house is an utterly rewarding method to instill an appreciation for nature.

group of young students holding their Garden View plants up

We want the kids to liken themselves to seeds, small packets of potential that will one day grow into beautiful flowers or majestic sequoias. Garden View has been indebted to our fellow San Gabriel Valley residents for supporting our company over the years and in developing this program we hope to give back to our community in the best way possible: cultivating the minds of tomorrow.

Giangelo Leos "Mr. Gio"

How it all Comes Together:

Our program starts with parents, school administrations, and teachers who see the benefits of an outdoor and hands-on curriculum that brings together nature and young minds.

From that point it’s a fairly simple process.

We provide the lesson plans, activities, planting materials, trees, and a passionate garden teacher and schools provide enthusiastic teachers, parents, and most importantly, adventurous students. Every student gets the opportunity to learn about gardening, become environmental stewards, and expand their view of the natural world. From growing their own trees to studying the lifecycle of worms, our program aims to give every student the possibility to learn about their world through first hand exploration.

Feel free to contact our Educational Outreach Coordinator to find out how to start a GVN Young Gardener’s Club at your school today!

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