Landscape Design Masterpiece

Landscape Masterpiece Garden Tip

Landscape design is unique compared to other construction or engineering trades, in that as the landscape matures, it metamorphoses. Many of its elements are perishable, as it must evolve dramatically with seasons, and it is affected by maintenance more than most trades. Its shifting nature, along with a plethora of other elements, should be considered closely when designing an outdoor masterpiece.

To create a perspective, let’s start with what we at Garden View Landscape, Nursery, and Pools consider to be the basic beginning points. Function, & the ABC’s – Art, Budget, & Constraints. Most designers and individuals, whether professional or amateur, will almost always start with Function. From there they can come up with a Budget, then review common Constraints, such as amount of space, hillsides, access, etc. One of the areas that we believe sets us apart from most designers, is an artisanal level of creativity and the consideration of how the concepts of Art apply. Artistic interpretation and application does not have to cost more, but it certainly can add great value and enjoyment to a project.

Since Function is the primary driving force in the design how do we incorporate an artistic interpretation that molds, blends, that enhances the functional attributes of the yard, while creating harmony between all of the elements?

To help navigate this challenge we have developed a series of Garden Tips to help our designers, customers, friends, and even our competitors apply the concepts of art and function to the landscape. Many of the principles discussed in this series do not only pertain to the landscape, but are applicable in almost any artistic endeavor.

The series has been developed to educate in an engaging, fun way.  Our goal is to inspire kids and adults alike to learn and appreciate horticulture, landscape, art, and the world around us.  We want to spark the imagination and encourage well thought out action.