Line and Focus

Line and Focus in Landscape Design Garden Tip

In the previous installments of this design series we discussed using the concept of Form Following Function to begin conceiving your design and how to direct the visual journey with the use of Void & Masses. In this article we will discuss using Line & Focus to enhance the aesthetics of your yard’s function and further direct the eye to visually important elements with some artistic flare.

Decomposed granite path leading through traditional style courtyardThe illustration above is a take on an actual project Garden View completed. As you can see from the drawing and picture, there is a path that leads physically and visually to the point of Interest – the statue with a functional seating area. The lines are bold, distinct and symmetrical, the visual journey is highlighted by the fact that the path and low plants next to it are Voids (low and not obstructing a view) that are framed by Masses of taller profile plants. In doing so we are creating curved yet direct lines, subliminally drawing the viewer more strongly toward the point of interest.

The lines in this concept do not all need to be orderly, sharp or symmetrical.  A row of lights, a line of trees/shrubs, lawns or annual color beds can be used to direct line of sight. A few of our other favorites like streams, stepping stones, hedges and stone walls can also be used to accomplish this effect as well. Have fun, use your imagination and take inspiration from projects and artists you admire.

In our next article, we will explore a deeper level of detail with how to use textures in your landscape.

Mark Meahl (President Garden View Landscape, Nursery & Pools)