Palo Verde

Parkinsonia florida, Cercidium ‘Desert Museum’, Cercidium floridum, Parkinsonia aculeata

  • Full Sun
  • Little to Moderate Water

Blue Palo Verde:
Native to Southwestern U.S. & Mexico.  Beautiful greenish blue foliage with gorgeous bright yellow flowers in Spring and early Summer.  Extremely low water/ drought tolerant, excellent for the modern low water landscape.  Deciduous, but hardly noticeable due to tiny leaves.  Airy/Lacy growth can provide shade once established.

Mexican Palo Verde:
Native to Southwestern U.S. & Mexico. Rapid growth at first, then slow growing. Yellow-green bark, spiny twigs, picturesque form. Sparse leaves 6-9 inches long, with many tiny leaflets that fall in drought or cold. Long bloom in spring of yellow flowers in loose, 3-7 inch-long clusters. Tolerates alkaline soil and requires minimal attention once established. As a shade tree, it filters sun rather than blocking it. Thorns and litter drop are potential problems. Great with succulents and cactus

Desert Museum:
Tough, trouble-free desert tree valued for floral display, shade, and colorful bark. This hybrid grows to 20 ft. tall and as wide in 3 to 5 years. Large 1-inch blossoms appear over a long period; flowering is most profuse in spring, with re-bloom possible in summer. Clean, thornless tree that produces few seedpods and scant litter. Attracts birds. Prune only to enhance form. Great in succulent or cactus gardens.


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