Spanish Style Water-Wise Front and Back Yards

This project is another excellent example of the benefits of a great contractor/client team relationship. The clients gave their input while respecting the opinions and expertise of the professionals. They were complimentary and grateful to every craftsman involved in bringing their vision to life. This approach coupled with appreciation is contagious, and as the project evolved, every crew member was eager to do their absolute best work to keep that joy alive. Mike & Wendy even had a party when construction wrapped up for everyone involved in the project! They had gifts, along with a speech by Mike expressing his appreciation for the knowledge and artisanship of each individual craftsman and their crew.

This was a design-and-build project created by project manager Rich Riedel and President Mark Meahl. Mike and Wendy sought something water-responsible and versatile that would provide a beautiful gathering place for family and friends.

The task at hand involved a complete rebuild of the front and back yards, as well as crafting a new, inviting front entry and porch. The spacious back patio area is a room on its own, including a built-in BBQ with bar, a fireplace, beautiful “Castle Cobble” pavers by Angelus Pavers, bistro string lights, and comfortable furniture, all nestled into a beautiful landscape with a tile fountain as a focal point. Pathways entice your curiosity, inviting you to take a journey past the remodeled guest house with a new rough sawn pergola to a desert garden complete with a quaint pondless waterfall and a campfire-style fire pit. The journey continues on a decomposed granite path featuring specimen cactus and succulents, and then to a few semi-dwarf fruit trees and vegetable gardens, then looping back to the outdoor patio. Amazingly, all of this fits into an everyday-sized back yard, without seeming crowded or overdone.

Be it enjoying a delicious meal cooked on the grill, or cuddling up next to a warm outdoor fireplace on a crisp night is what the Southern California climate is all about. Rich and Mark wanted to be certain Mike and Wendy got to enjoy every moment of their days (and nights) in the garden. The patio design and adjacent living areas assured a smooth landing area for both intimate get-togethers and large parties without sacrificing the comfort of guests.

Thank you, Wendy Davis and Mike Nolls, for making building your dream project so much fun. We are so fortunate to be able to perform our craft and be appreciated. We love our customers!

** note this project won the Sweepstakes Award (best of all Entries) in the San Fernando Valley including Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley in 2018 from the California Landscape Contractors Association

** This project and many projects constructed by Garden View are featured in the Angelus Pavers Catalog… and also unfortunately many photos of this project and others have also circulated across the internet by unaffiliated contractors as advertisements… This goes to show you can’t always believe photos were performed by the advertised contractor…