Garden and Landscaping Tips

a 24 inch box tree being sold as 48 inch

Box Size Matters

Calling their 24” box a 48” tree The nursery industry generally measures the size of the product based on the container size the plant is in. Standard sizes may be 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 24” box, 36” box 48” box etc. In areas that plants are field grown and the plants are …

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Proper Maintenance Practices for Grasses

Successful Grass Maintenance Techniques: Grasses are an amazing addition to the landscape providing wonderful texture, color, accent, movement, luminescence and beauty with years of almost carefree maintenance. But pruning grasses at the right time ensures their future success. Grasses pruned at the wrong time will surely suffer, begin to decline, and ultimately give grasses …

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How much does it cost to put in a pool?

How Much Does it Cost to put in a Swimming Pool?    Scroll Down and let’s look at the different types What type of pool does your budget allow? We can value engineer a pool for most budgets, but we generally focus on complete outdoor construction, and don’t just focus on the pool. SWIMMING POOL …

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Stress, Scorch, and Sunburn

Your Plants are Shouting “S.O.S.” Here’s How to tell the difference Between S.S.S.ummer heat problems: Stress, Scorch, and Sunburn Stress Wilting leaves are your first indicator of summer heat and light stress Leaf curl Dropping flowers/ fruit and eventually leaves While some stress is normal when your plant is first planted, summer heat can …

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Beating the Summer Heat Problems

Beating the Summer Heat Problems     Did you survive the triple digit heat last week? It was 119°F in the shade at Garden View Nursery! Right now you might be noticing that your plants’ leaves are sun scorched and wondering, “IS MY PLANT GOING TO DIE?” First things first: Don’t prune off damaged …

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