Garden and Landscaping Tips

Nut Grass Control

Nut Grass

Nut Grass Control If you’re having trouble getting rid of Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus), it could be that you’re over-spraying. It can be counterproductive to spray two different types of herbicides for the same weed. We have noticed that when RoundUp is sprayed in conjunction with Sedge Hammer, the desired result can be stunted. Round…

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How to Plant a Tree

Thumbnailofvideoclip Ianplantingatree

Hello. Welcome to Garden View, How-To. My name is Ian Alden from Garden View Nursery. Today, I’m going to teach you how to plant a tree. Specifically today, we’re going to plant up a 15-gallon Fuyu Persimmon, about right here. The purpose of this video is to teach you how and why to plant a…

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Preparing your Property Landscape for Rain

Downspout Catch Basin for Gutter water displacement

Preparing your Property Landscape for El Nino Just because your property is on a relatively flat area doesn’t mean that it is not subject to some kind of flood damage. Actually, properties on flat land are often much harder to have good functioning drainage installed on because the property does not provide adequate fall for…

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Water Use: Lawn vs. Swimming Pool

Water Use: Lawn vs. Swimming Pool Most studies agree that lawns use more than twice as much water as a pool. By adding decks around the pool and using a pool cover the water savings are substantial.  The initial filling of a pool is when most of the water is used. In a worst case…

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Water-Wise Landscaping Guide

water wise garden

Water-Wise Landscaping Guide A water-wise landscape doesn’t mean giving up your lawn or making dramatic changes to your landscape or lifestyle. There are many simple ways to save water, and they all start with you. During dry periods, landscape watering can use up to three-quarters of total household water usage. An inefficient sprinkler can deliver…

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Wildflower Gardens


Wildflower Gardens I want to address wildflower beds… including what to expect, what is necessary to keep them looking great, and an idea of resources necessary to keep these gardens spectacular. Most wildflowers that grow naturally in Southern California sprout with natural winter water and are at their peak in late winter and spring per…

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