Garden and Landscaping Tips

Good Concrete vs. Bad Concrete

curved concrete steps around spa

Good Concrete vs Bad Concrete One of our clients thought they would save some money on their concrete work by having someone else pour their driveway. They saved around 20%. But as the old saying goes, “nobody is happy with cheap after the price is forgotten.” Even beyond the obvious difference in the aesthetics of…

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Protect your Hardscapes with Century Root Barriers

Root Barriers Root Barrier Panels are manufactured from a durable polyethylene material. Century Product panels feature 90 degree root deflecting ribs, self interlocking panel to panel connection, eliminating joiner strips and gluing. As well as being a root impervious barrier, the CP panels direct roots downward to prevent costly damage to surrounding hardscapes and landscapes.…

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Alphabetical Plant To Do List

Alphabetical Plant To-Do List Don’t forget to check out THIS MONTH’s garden tips by clicking “Garden Tips” above! Here is our “Plant To Do List” organized alphabetically.  It includes the month in which to take the action.  This is our ‘secret formula’ in which we have constructed over our 35  years in the business.  Our…

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Reducing Tree Wind Damage

Reducing Tree Wind Damage The 2011 wind storms storms in Southern California caused unprecedented damage to our structures, utilities, and landscapes. Assessing why certain trees were damaged while others survived is a worthwhile endeavor; not only to protect the aesthetics of the trees, but also the property around them. Numerous studies indicate proper tree maintenance…

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Pruning Basics

Prunus caroliniana Carolina Cherry Hedge

Pruning Basics Pruning to shape: In shaping, your artistic side plays a role in determining what form a particular plant should take. Every plant has a natural shape; its growth tends to conform to a natural pattern, whether round, gumdrop shaped, wide spreading, vase-shaped, or arching. Observe what a plant’s natural shape is, and then…

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How to Water New Sod

How to Water New Sod New Lawn Watering Schedule Guidelines Courtesy of Southland Sod Farms Water Sod lightly after each 200 square feet are installed, to prevent wilting. After all the sod is down and rolled, turn on your sprinklers and let them run until the sod is good and soaked. To keep it that…

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