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5 Reasons to Never Top Your Trees

Do you ever wonder why a tree didn’t grow well, looked deformed, fell over, or entirely died? There are certainly combinations of reasons for this happening, but according to many horticulturalists, one of the top reasons is improper pruning. Specifically, a damaging practice called “Topping”. Topping involves cutting away a large section of the top […]

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Crown Reduction Pruning Tip

Crown Reduction

In our last article, we described the 5 reasons that you should never top your tree. Not only can the practice be damaging to the tree, and expensive in the long run. But what are we to do if it is necessary to reduce the size of a tree?  Most arborists agree that Crown Reduction

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Pruning Early for Maximum Hedge Density

Pruning for Maximum Hedge Density

In our previous articles, we discussed the negative side effects of topping pruning, specifically topping trees. One exception is hedges; it is necessary to top them so they do not grow into tall trees but into aesthetically pleasing green walls. I remember as a kid reading the book Robinson Caruso, about a shipwrecked man on

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