Australian Brush Cherry

Eugenia myrtifolia

Eugenia hedges all sizes from 5 gallon to 36
Eugenia plant cartoon chracter
  • Best in Full Sun, Tolerates Some Shade – Evergreen
  • Regular Water

Usually clipped into formal hedges or shapes from 8 to 20 feet high.  Unclipped, it is a handsome, narrow-ish tree, to 30-60 feet tall.  Eugenia is one of the most popular hedging, background, and screening plants in mild and nearly frost free areas.   Psyllids can be a nuisance, but are easily controlled.  Brush cherry thrives in well drained garden soil.  New foliage appears as brightly tinted red.  Its fruit is rose purple, showy, and edible.  Sometimes referred to as Syzygium paniculatum


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