Texas Privet

Ligustrum japonicum ‘texanum’

Ligustrum Hedges in 24 inch box, 15 gallon, and 5 gallon containers
Texas Privet cartoon character
  • Full Sun or Some Shade – Evergreen Shrub
  • Regular Water. Low-Moderate Once Established

We think Ligustrum is the best Hedge we grow.  Its dense thick leaves make it a great lower maintenance wall because it grows slower than many other hedges.

Dense, compact growth habit to 6-9 ft. but can be kept lower by trimming. Roundish oval leaves 2-4 in. long, dark to medium green and glossy above, distinctly paler to almost whitish beneath; have thick, slightly spongy feeling. Excellent plant for hedges or screens, or for shaping into globes, pyramids, other shapes. Best hedge if you can wait for it to fill in. Very minimal root, insect, or disease issues.


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