Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica

  • Full Sun – Deciduous
  • Infrequent Deep Watering. Water-Wise

In China the name for Crape Myrtle is Pai Jih Hung, meaning 100 days of red.  What a cool name, and how true?  What other tree blooms so profusely in Southern California for such a long period of time?  I can tell you; nothing even comes close.  It is no surprise to me that Crape Myrtles are our top selling trees year after year.

We all know of their show stopping bloom.  While most trees will bloom for only 2-4 week out of the year, Crape Myrtles start flowering as early as May and June, and will continue all the way throughout the Summer, often into the fall.  The flowers come in White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Hot Pink, and Red.  They also come in Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Varieties as well as in the standard single trunk form and a more natural multi trunk form.  So, this tree gives you options for your unique yard and your unique tastes.

Not only are Crape Myrtle beautiful flowering trees, but they can give gorgeous fall color foliage and they are low water/ drought tolerant.  In late fall/ early winter Crape Myrtle leaves will change to bright and vibrant oranges and yellows.  One of the most reliable trees for fall color in Southern California.  And once this tree is established it will become a self-sufficient tree.  I have seen mature Crape Myrtles living off just the annual rain water and still giving fantastic shows of blooms.

I almost forgot, even the trunk and bark is beautiful on this tree.  As it matures the outer bark sheds and reveals mottled colors of pinks and tans and greys, and sometimes deep reddish brown of smooth inner bark. The bark is also reflective making this one of the most magnificent trees to light up at night.

The Crape Myrtle just seems to tick so many of the boxes that most people are looking for in a tree: beautiful display of flowers, shade for the summer, not too big, not too small, tame root system, low water, fall color, low maintenance…  With a crape myrtle, you just can not go wrong.


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