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CPSA Updates and Reissues Drought Stage Plan

A few weeks ago, the California Pool and Spa Association announced the release of a model Drought Stage Plan that outlined the appropriate steps to be taken by cities or water districts considering restrictions on swimming pools and spas in times of drought. This plan came as a result of the CPSA’s work with many cities and water districts throughout the state who’s attempted restrictions on pools or spas was because of ill-informed or unnecessary provisions in their own drought plans.

After sending out the plan, the CPSA received input from members of the water community regarding ideas and recommendations. As this document is intended to reflect the best practices and interests of the entire pool and spa industry, we took this input very seriously and began the process of gathering new facts and ideas on how to modify it appropriately. Some of the changes that were made to the document were in order to make it conform to the standards of other drought stage plans implemented by public entities, while others dealt with issues of code compliance.

The updated version of the Drought Stage Plan reflects all of these recommendations and has been modified to encompass the needs of all sectors of the pool and spa industry. The language regarding “stages” of drought has been changed to instead be framed in terms of the percentages of water conservation called for by water entities. This change was made to reflect the fact that many cities have different language built into their individual drought plans and different levels of conservation, while percentages are a much more universal means of measurement. We also made changes in the language of our document regarding the practice of storing water during remodels, as some of our members informed us of potential insurance and code issues that vary from area to area that would prevent using this alternative. These changes, along with a few other issues of suggested wording, all come together to make a stronger and much more usable document.

The updated version of the Drought Stage Plan will be distributed to all cities and water districts throughout the state, and has been sent to entities such as the Metropolitan Water District, the Department of Water Resources, and other public policy officials responsible for water policy in California. Please click the link below to view the updated Plan, and contact the CPSA at info@thecpsa.org if you have any questions.

Click here to review CPSA’s updated Model Drought Response Plan.


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