How to Plant a Tree or Shrub

Diagram drawing of how to plant a tree or shrub

  1. Dig hole minimum 1½ times bigger than rootball in both directions
  2. Allow for a compacted or native soil ‘Plateau’ for tree to sit upon
  3. Mix ½ dirt taken out of the hole with ½ compost
  4. Fill in half of the hole with the mix from above
  5. Place tree or shrub in hole.  Be very careful not to bury the “crown”
    (The crown is where the tree meets the rootball)
  6. Place fertilizer or fertilizer tablets (Approx 4) around tree
  7. Fill in rest of hole with remaining dirt/compost mix from above.
    Leave a basin around tree (like a bowl) to hold water
  8. Water tree adding Vitamin B to water before watering
  9. Water tree well for two weeks
  10. Build tree house in 20 years (optional)