Your Plants are Shouting “S.O.S.”

Here’s How to tell the difference Between S.S.S.ummer heat problems:

Stress, Scorch, and Sunburn


  1. Wilting leaves are your first indicator of summer heat and light stress
  2. Leaf curl
  3. Dropping flowers/ fruit and eventually leaves
  4. While some stress is normal when your plant is first planted, summer heat can quickly turn stress into distress!
curling leaves from heat
sagging leaves from the heat


  1. Browning of leaf margins and darkening/yellowing of leaf surface from intense heat/light
  2. Generally happens on highest leaves
  3. Roots simply can’t compete with the amount of water lost through the leaves (leaf transpiration beats capillarity in roots)
sun scorched avocado leaves
Scorched Leaves

Sunburn (Scald)

  1. Browning of fruit or branches of plant from intense heat/light
  2. Fruit/Bark tend to be tougher than leaves, so this a signs of heat damage at a later stage for a plant
scorched tree branch
sun scorched avocado fruit

Now you know what you are looking for! Ready for the solution?