Moisture Sensors

Save up to 50% of water consumption and still have green lawns + healthy plants

Moisture sensors cut your Landscape water consumption dramatically in a very efficient and cost effective manner while keeping your landscape green and beautiful. Quality and properly installed Moisture sensors measure the moisture at the roots of the plants, where the water is needed. We work in collaboration with the Irrometer Company (a leading manufacturer of moisture sensors since 1951 for agricultural use and 1980’s for landscape use) using their time tested Water Mark soil moisture sensing devices.

We can prove the water savings in your own yard, by using a water saving monitoring kit installed by the Irrometer Company and monthly monitoring with usage comparison charts. We will email the data to you monthly.

In the landscape with automatic irrigation systems we over-water by default. We have to set our timers to water to the weakest point, making sure we have enough water on the plants while providing excess irrigation to accommodate for fluctuations in weather conditions. These moisture sensing devices are installed in the root system of the plants and grass. They are measuring the moisture where the moisture is needed. The amount of water is adjustable by desired moisture level as apposed to the amount of time and how often the sprinklers are running. In most cases the existing irrigation timer system is set to water daily, if the moisture level is above the set threshold the sensor will interrupt the sprinkler valve and not allow it to water. The system will only water when the plants need the water.

You can find more information and learn about tests that compare water saving by these devices as opposed to ET Timers (Evaporational Transpiration Timers) which adjust timers from web or satellite based weather data by going to the Irrometer web site at

Please contact us about setting up a test plot for you or having us give you a proposal for installation.