curved concrete steps around spa

Good Concrete vs. Bad Concrete

cracking concrete driveway Driveway with lots of cracking concrete

One of our clients thought they would save some money on their concrete work by having someone else pour their driveway. They saved around 20%. But as the old saying goes, “nobody is happy with cheap after the price is forgotten.” Even beyond the obvious difference in the aesthetics of the concrete, there are many other factors to consider.

Pool concrete closeup with no cracks or fissuresFor example, Garden View has a specialized fissure reduction processes that reduces cracking by 90%. The quality difference of the finish is obvious, and the score lines and cold joints are precise. On top of that, nothing is more important than drainage considerations. These are just a few of the items that go into making an investment in quality. For just a nominal investment, the product received is of far greater value.