Altadena, CA estate backyard water features and divided pavers and succulents

Planting Smart for Water Efficiency

Spring is planting season. Many of us want to go out and plant new colorful plants in our gardens, but we need to use common sense as to where we plant them if we want to conserve water.

Just like we plant shade plants in the shade and sun plants in the sun, we should group plants that need more water together and water wise plants together in their own irrigation zones.

When designing and installing irrigation systems we should segregate the valves so that the all the sprinklers in a particular area turn on and off from the same valve. So that we can water plants that need less water on one valve and plants that need more water on a different valve.

If we plant one plant that needs a lot of water with plants that don’t need the water we will either have to water all the plants too much (and waste water) in order to keep that plant alive or the plant will suffer while the other plants thrive because it is not getting sufficient water.

Most people are surprised at how many blooming plants survive on very little water.  In fact, many of the plants you already love could be water-wise.

Garden View Nursery has most plants labeled with descriptive signs throughout the nursery. The signs include along with other information how much water the plants need and will tolerate. We have also put a special tag on the signs to make it easy to identify.